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Who is Dr. Sean

Dr. Sean Bae, PT, DPT, Cert. DN

Pediatric Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapist

Hello Little Explorers! This is Sean Sungguk Bae. I am a physical therapist who has been working for 10years with experiences in variety of fields such as orthopedics, sports, geriatrics and not limited to pediatrics


I graduated my bachelor's degree of Physical Therapy in Daejeon University in South Korea and acquired the degree of Doctor of Physical Therapy in year 2019 at Arcadia University - Pennsylvania.  I used to be a representative wrestler in elementary and middle school. During sports competition, I got injured and diagnosed with lumbar disc herniation. This was when I initially encountered physical therapy for rehab and encouraged me to become a physical therapist.


I have a various clinical experience as a pediatric movement specialist; SLAP tear, Shoulder instability, Clubfoot, toe walking, Plantar Fasciitis  ACL tear, scoliosis, stress fracture, sports conditioning coaching and etc. I believe that the approach to therapy for youngsters are uniquely different as compared to adult populations. It is like teaching them basic ABCs and forming good foundation. it is important to break it down with several steps/tasks and encourage them to achieve each small goals in a timely manner. It will eventually engage Little Explorers to enhance their functional mobility with self-confidence and eventually independence.

" Where to start my daughter started in 2020 and just got discharged this week 100/10 definitely recommend your babies will be in amazing hands with Dr.Salamanca she’s amazing and wonderful person /Therapist and treats my baby likes she’s her know"
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